How to convert?

Learn in this tutorial how to convert video, music, files and documents using the Convert type.

This article is a tutorial to help everyone use the content of Convert type. Let's teach how to convert!


The Convert type supports converting these formats by joining all the options (be it video, music, or files, ..) to other formats.

  • MP4
  • M4A
  • OPUS
  • WEBM
  • MP3
  • WMV
  • AVI
  • MOV
  • MKV
  • OGV
  • FLV
  • 3G2
  • 3GP
  • AAC
  • AIFF
  • FLAC
  • M4R
  • MMF
  • WAV
  • WMA
  • OGG
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • PDF
  • DOC
  • CSV
  • DOCX
Conversions *
  • Convert youtube videos to mp3
  • Download videos from youtube
  • Download videos from youtube without sound
  • Convert videos to MP4 / M4A / OPUS / WEBM / MP3 / WMV / AVI / MOV / MKV / OGV / FLV / 3G2 / 3GP / AAC / AIFF / FLAC / M4R / MMF / WAV / WMA / OGG
  • Convert video to audio
  • Convert JPG to PNG
  • Convert PNG to JPG
  • Convert PDF to JPG
  • Convert PDF to DOCX
  • Convert PDF to TXT
  • Convert DOCX to PDF
  • Convert DOCX to DOC
  • Convert DOCX to JPG
  • Convert DOCX to PNG
  • Convert DOCX to RTF
  • Convert DOCX to TXT
  • Convert DOCX to HTML
  • Convert DOC to PDF
  • Convert DOC to DOCX
  • Convert DOC to TXT
  • Convert HTML to PDF
  • Convert HTML to PNG
  • Convert HTML to TXT
  • Convert XLS to CSV
  • Convert XLS to PDF
  • Convert XLS to XLSX
  • Convert XLSX to PDF
  • Convert XLSX to XLS
  • Convert XLSX to PNG
  • Convert XLSX to CSV
  • Convert XLSX to TXT
  • Convert XLSX to HTML

Now let's get to it!

Convert Youtube videos

How to convert youtube videos to audios or download videos without audio from youtube.

First go to the "AUDIO" tab using the menu, then select the "URL" mode from the options. As in the image below.

tutorial how to use convert type

That done, paste the link / url of the video you want to convert. Then click on the blue "CONVERT" button, wait until all the download options appear. When everything is ready, all possible options for converting and downloading will appear.

When finished loading, the options will appear as in the image below. Click on the "DOWNLOAD" button and a new tab will open, on this tab, find the more_vert button (usually in the lower right corner of the player) and select the "DO" option DOWNLOAD ". And ready ! now you've downloaded your video without audio, or your music.

tutorial how to use convert type 2

NOTE: for copyright reasons, convert free online videos for personal use ("fair use"). It should not be used for recordings of copyrighted material, such as video clips or resale, the convert type is not responsible for any infringement of this type that violates copyright laws. We only offer free file conversion to other formats.

NOTE 2: The images may not be correct if there has been a change or block in the APIs used. the way we convert may be different.

Convert computer videos

How to convert videos from your computer to other formats.

tutorial how to use convert type 3

As shown in the image above, go to the menu and click on the VIDEO option. And then click on the "UPLOAD" option if it isn't already. Once this is done, you can select videos from your computer by clicking the left blue button "UP", and select the video you want. After choosing the video, select in the options the extension / format you want, and click on the next blue button on the right "CONVERT" and you're done!

Your download will start as soon as the conversion is complete.

Convert images to other formats

How to convert JPEG images to PNG (or other formats) or vice versa.

Use the menu to select "IMAGES" the format you want to convert. Once this is done, choose the options, if you want to enter the URL or upload an image from your computer, and then click on the right blue button "CONVERT" to download your image in the chosen format.

Convert PDF / CSV / WORD ...

How to convert office and other documents to another format.

Use the menu to select "DOC OR DOCUMENTS" the format you want to convert. Once this is done, select from your computer the document you want to convert to PDF or WORD (or any other format you have selected), and then click on the right blue button "CONVERT" to download your document in the chosen format.

From this tutorial you can already use the other options on our website to convert more documents and much more!

NOTE 3: If you try to convert a youtube link and it does not load the download links, or it generates an error, it means that this video is blocked by copyright and rules from YouTube. So unfortunately it cannot be converted.

NOTE 4: The maximum size for uploading a file is 128 MB

(*): There may be changes if the API used is not supported due to copyright or other reasons.

Date: 10/12/2020
Written by: Ilion Tecnologia
Article: Tutorial


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