Convert Type is a converter of multiple files and formats to any formats. You can convert youtube videos to different audio formats, download videos from youtube, download videos without audio from youtube, convert videos from your computer by uploading the file and downloading in other formats / extensions. You can convert images to other formats and extensions, as well as change and convert files and documents.

Convert videos (via a link like youtube or from your own computer) to audios (in several possible qualities); for videos, for videos without sound, also convert images, from PNG to JPG or JPG to PNG. In addition to these, you can take the opportunity to convert files and documents, such as: DOC, PDF, DOCX, HTML, XLS, XLSX, TXT, RTF and even convert files to PNG or JPG images. For more information, access the list of conversions in the tutorial to find out what the possibilities and types of file-to-file conversions are and what formats.

The convert type is available in 9 (nine) languages ​​so that its use is the most enjoyed by all, regardless of their language.

This application was developed with the user in mind, from the most layman to the most experienced, who may need a file in another format to send by email, for a quick presentation, for an image or needing to download that video and / or have the audio or video in another format. And for the layman who might like to download that video he saw or an image, a file that he didn't open due to lack of application to open the format. Ultimately, being able to provide everyone with an experience of having and converting what you want and not be more worried ... and anywhere! the application is available for mobile with a pleasant, readable and intuitive experience, being able to take media from your cell phone or tablet's and go up to convert and enjoy our tool.

So enjoy the Convert Type .

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